' Jean-Claude Nshimirimana: «There were SNR and provincial education officials in the governor's office»Jean-Claude Nshimirimana: «There were SNR and provincial education officials in the governor's office»

Isanganiro journalist in eastern province forbidden to do his job

02-08-2018 Jean Claude Nshimirimana, Radio Isanganiro correspondent in Ruyigi eastern province is no longer allowed to report in that locality. The decision has been taken by Ruyigi Governor, Hassan Abdallah, this 7 February. Mr Abdallah had summoned journalist Jean-Claude Nshimirimana to shed light on his report related to “2020 Elections (...)
' Félicien Minani, Legal representative of FEMI de Jaba   Foundation

Towards “Encyclopedia” of Burundian music

02-01-2018 The Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the foundation ‘FEMI’ de Jaba has officially launched this 31 January the “Encyclopedia” of Burundian music. It will allow musicians and Burundian music to be known in the world. “The encyclopedia of Burundi music will compile the biographies of all Burundian musicians, (...)
' Rosette Irambona: “Burundi is deeply concerned about culture preservation”

Burundi must promote and preserve culture like other African countries

01-25-2018 While the world celebrates the first edition of the Day dedicated to African and Afro-descendant Culture this January 24, the ministry of culture appeals to the youth to preserve and promote the Burundian culture. Rosette Irambona, Spokesperson for the ministry of culture, says Burundi is deeply concerned about the (...)
' Aaron Tunga

Save “Aaron Tunga”

01-23-2018 This musician and arranger with dual nationality (Burundian-Canadian) must have an operation in India. Burundian and Rwandan singers and artists are mobilizing to have him treated. Producers and musicians from Burundi and Rwanda are mobilizing for a fundraising campaign to save Aaron Tunga’s life. Burundian cultural journalists are also (...)
' Nestor Bankumukunzi: “The Ministry of Communication plans to set up a technical commission that will indicate the coverage roadmap to the referendum”

CNC to grant and withdraw the press card from journalists

12-01-2017 The National Assembly passed yesterday a bill revising the law governing the National Communication Council (CNC). Minister of Communication, Nestor Bankumukunzi told MPs the reform aims at improving the council’s efficiency. This law will allow CNC to grant journalists a professional press card and withdraw it from them. Under (...)
' “Rumuri” Literary Award for promotion of writing in Burundi

“Rumuri” Literary Award for promotion of writing in Burundi

11-24-2017 The University of Burundi recognises that writing is a good way to preserve and share culture and tradition. A national inter-university literary competition was organised and the winners of the second edition of “Rumuri Literary Award” were announced publicly. Writing is one of the ways of sharing and transferring (...)
' Burundian Drummers playing drums

Culture Ministry dedicates week to emblematic drum dance to promote culture

11-22-2017 The Ministry of Culture dedicated a week to the emblematic dance of the Burundian drum in order to protect and promote Burundian culture in general and drums in particular. It started on November 20 and will end on 26. A march from Bujumbura city centre to the north direction (...)
' Mwape Mumwenda : « Investigative journalism requires passion, dedication and focus »

Journalism of investigation in Africa:”A hard nut to crack”

11-17-2017 In a conference that brought together hundreds of investigative journalists from across the globe, African Investigative reporters say they meet a number of challenges when doing their job. They say journalists who conducting investigation into some sensitive issues such as corruption, killings by high government officials are seen as (...)
' Karenga Ramadhani and Aimée Divine Niyokwizigirwa: Journalists without a professional card won’t be allowed to work in Burundi from 2018

Burundi Media Regulator-CNC warns media that don’t comply with its regulations

11-17-2017 Burundi Media Regulator-CNC warns media houses that will not conform to its rules and regulations will not work in Burundi from 2018. Journalists should be registered and media should sign a specification note. Burundi Media Regulator-CNC says it will not be easy for media houses that will not have (...)
' Ramadhan Karenga: “The government should honor its obligations by setting up a fund to improve working conditions of media houses and journalists”

Press law needs application texts for greater fulfillment

11-15-2017 The press law of 2015 needs its effective implementation for the added value of media houses and journalists. Ramadhan Karenga, the chairman of National Media Regulator (CNC) says the 2015 press law offers many advantages that benefited media houses and journalists. It was on the occasion of the celebration (...)
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