Man shot dead in Muyinga province

Jean-Pierre Mumputu, an engineer at Muyinga Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock (DPAE) was killed by unidentified armed people in the night of June 26. The incident took place around 10 p.m. at Kibogoye neighborhood, Muyinga commune in Muyinga province on the avenue commonly known as “kurya Rumonge”, police sources say.

Muyinga chief town

Muyinga chief town

Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesman for The Ministry of Public Security says the victim was killed by bullets fired point-blank by unidentified criminals, a hundred meters from his home.
« He was ambushed on his way home, » he says adding that the victim was a commission agent who often wins markets of Productivity and Agricultural Market Development Project (PRODEMA).

Nkurikiye says the victim was talking to the coordinator of PRODEMA project before he went home. His body is kept in a mortuary at Muyinga Hospital. “The police have undertaken investigations to identify the perpetrators of the crime,” says the police spokesman.

Philippe Nkeramihigo, administrator of Muyinga commune says Mr Mumputu was shot in Kibogoye neighborhood. “He had just watched a football match in a bar not far from his home with his friends,” Mr Nkeramihigo says.

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