Consumers complain about shortage of BRARUDI beverages during festive season

In different parts of Bujumbura city, it was not easy to find beverages from BRARUDI (Burundi Brewing Company). Consumers express discontent over this shortage which is observed every festive season. “Why can’t BRARUDI find strategies to find a solution to this problem? I can’t understand how I die of thirst while I have money,” says Anicet met in Jabe, the central quarter of Bujumbura City.

There is a shortage of BRARUDI products during festive season

There is a shortage of BRARUDI products during festive season

Another gentleman met in the northern part of the capital complains about the rise in the prices of BRARUDI products. “Prices of alcoholic drinks have gone up. I can’t tell whether BRARUDI has officially increased the prices of its products or sellers are just speculating on them during this festive season”, he says.

A seller of BRARUDI beverages met in Jabe this Monday appeals to BRARUDI to handle this situation. “There has been observed the scarcity of BRARUDI beverages since Saturday 30 December, 2017. Those who were lucky to have those beverages have increased the prices. As for me, till now, I don’t have drinks and my customers go back complaining”, says Anna, a bar owner in Jabe neighbourhood.

Côme Badufashe, in charge of corporate affairs in BRARUDI says there isn’t any shortage of products in the company.

He speaks of a speculation by sellers following the excessive consumption of those beverages especially during festive period. “As for the rise in prices, BRARUDI has not yet increased the price of any of its products. It is mere speculation,” he says.

Badufashe says Burundi Brewing Company is collaborating with its trade commissioners and has increased its production to avoid further speculation during this festive season.

He says this rise in prices and lack of BRARUDI beverages is seen every festive season but reassures that the company is doing its best to make sure customers are served at the officially set prices.

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