Collapsed ravine destroys three houses in south of Bujumbura

A collapsed ravine has already caused the destruction of at least three houses leaving others threatened in Muha urban commune, in the south of the Burundian capital. The population asks for the government intervention.

The ravine is located in Musaga neighborhoodPasteur Bizimana, owner of a house that has been destroyed, says the gully was noticed three months ago and gradually widened until it destroyed the houses.
He asks the government to intervene. “We are helpless. My house is destroyed now. My family has sought refuge in the neighboring houses but they are also likely to suffer the same fate,” he says adding that government should intervene before it’s too late.

Mr. Bizimana says that part of the road in Kinanira neighborhood from the place commonly known as ‘Petit Séminaire’ to the national road RN7 will also be destroyed.
“The road is also threatened. All the houses near Kanyosha River have been damaged, there remains only one house and the road is likely to follow.”

Residents of that neighborhood that Iwacu talked to say this ravine was caused by the water flowing from Kinanira area (in the place commonly known as mugipara) to Kanyosha River.
Located in Kinanira area in Musaga zone, in the south of Bujumbura in a place commonly known as Ceceni, this big ravine has already destroyed three houses including a church. A nearby secondary school has already lost its toilet and the population owning houses all around that ravine has already relocated.

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