Burundi University commemorates 23rd anniversary of students’ killing

Different authorities present during the 23rd commemoration of students’ killings that occurred at the University of Burundi in the night of 11 to 12 June 1995 demand that the truth about the past be revealed for a better future.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and that of Human rights laying wreathes of flowers on Unity Monument

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and that of Human rights laying wreathes of flowers on Unity Monument

A mass in honor of the murdered students opened the ceremonies and was followed by speeches of different authorities and a march toward a unity monument built on Mutanga Campus.

Aloys Batungwanayo, Chairperson of the Association for the Memory and Protection of Humanity against International Crimes- AMEPCI-Gira Ubuntu, calls on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to do its job and reveal those who conducted those killings. “23 years are enough. Criminals have to be revealed and condemned,” he says adding that even students can contribute to that by conducting academic researches into the subject.

Mr Batungwanayo also appeals to the representatives of different countries in Burundi to take their responsibilities by collaborating with the government and deport those who are accused of those killings. “The USA has recently extradited a man accused of being one of the people responsible for the killings. This is a good example to follow”.

Anatole Ruberinyange who celebrated the mass said what happened was beyond violence and should be an inspiration of love to the future generation. “What happened should serve as a lesson to others. Both Hutu and Tutsi, parents and the country have lost”.

Ruberinyange calls on people to value and respect human life. “Every human being is irreplaceable.”
Gaspard Banyankimbona, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research has called on students to learn from the past and stay united despite the differences.

Rosalie Bikorindagala, Vice- rector of the University of Burundi has said the occasion is to remind students about peace, modesty and unity in diversity. “Students have to learn from the past events to build a better future”.

She says the tragic events that happened on 11th June 1995 on Mutanga Campus and were extended to Kiriri Campus in July 1995 and Zege Campus in March 1996 should be an inspiration to the students and help them avoid any division among them.

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