Burundi about to start referendum

On the eve of the 17 May referendum, the preparations are going well. In the afternoon of 16 May, all voting centers were supplied with heavy and sensible materials needed. In Kanyosha zone of Muha Commune in the capital Bujumbura, electoral agents are busy supplying 243 voting centers located in the office of the Muha Communal Electoral Commission with all materials.

Electoral materials given to different voting centers

Electoral materials given to different voting centers

Ballots, indelible ink, stamps, calculators, ballot boxes, solar lamps, seals… were ready on 16 May, around midday. The situation was similar in the office of the Mukaza Communal Electoral Commission. On 16 May, around 1:00p.m, the distribution of the remaining voting cards was suspended in order to supply the electoral materials at different voting centers.

Térence Bizimana, Chairman of the Provincial Independent Electoral Commission in the capital Bujumbura says 931 voting centers are available in the capital Bujumbura for 457 681 voters grouped into three communes-Muha, Ntahangwa and Mukaza. “All heavy and sensible materials must be given to voting centers,” says Bizimana.

Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, CENI Chairman says all the electoral materials must be available at all voting centers throughout the country. “The voting centers will open at 6:00 a.m. All necessary security measures have been taken for the smooth running of the entire electoral process,” he says.

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