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Associations fighting crimes against humanities for renewal of CVR mandate

After lawmakers pleaded for the renewal of the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for four years, associations involved in the fight against crimes against humanity say they appreciate the proposition and expect that the commission will finally accomplish its missions.

Aloys Batungwanayo, Chairman of the association for the memory and protection of humanity against international crimes (AMEPCI-Gir’ Ubuntu) says he is for the renewal of the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. “Four years were not sufficient given their work and the current situation prevailing in the country”, says Batungwanayo.

Térence Mushano: “Burundians will never know the truth unless the UN is involved”

Térence Mushano: “Burundians will never know the truth unless the UN is involved”

He also says the commission must have sufficient experts and time to investigate crimes committed in Burundi and identify their perpetrators. The international community should also support it, he adds
AMEPCI chairman suggests that the commission starts investigation from 1871 when first missionaries came to Burundi and started dividing Burundians: “Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups were introduced that time,” he says.

Térence Mushano, Deputy President of AC-Génocide Cirimoso, says the commission not only has a short time given its mission but also it has insufficient staff members. “The commission raised the limited funds. It will not succeed to investigate crimes committed in Burundi if it doesn’t recruit experienced experts,” he says.

For him, the commission would work closely with the UN as it is among the guarantors of the commission throughout the Arusha Agreement. “The UN must support the commission and deploy its experts to conduct serious investigations”, he says adding that they are more experienced in such activities.

Térence Mushano, however, doesn’t agree with the start of investigation from 1896 as Burundi parliament suggested it in the previous plenary session. “If so, the commission must continue its investigation up to now. People continue to disappear following the crisis that broke out in 2015,” he says adding that Burundians will never know the truth without the UN support.

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