Alain Guillaume Bunyoni: “No clues to communicate over the Assassination of Hafsa Mossi”

Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Burundi Public Security Minister

Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Burundi Public Security Minister

The Burundian Minister of Public Security presented a quarterly report on Burundi security situation in the afternoon of July 19th. He said that it is generally positive. Minister Bunyoni provided up-to-date information on ongoing investigations over the assassination of the late Hafsa Mossi, member the East African Legislative Assembly.

The Public Security Minister states investigations carried out about the murder have not so far produced any result .Witnesses on ground reported that the crime was committed on Wednesday 12 July at 10:30 at Gihosha on Nyankoni Avenue by three criminals in a Toyota Premio car with tinted windows and a Tanzanian license plate.

“To date, police has no clues to communicate publicly,” said the Burundian Minister of Public Security before tackling other issues.
During the press conference, Bunyoni also mentioned that any insurgency in Mugamba area in the southern province of Bururi and its surroundings was dismantled.

For the last six months, police confirmed ” receiving ” 35 ” terrorist criminals ” who surrendered. The Minister Alain -Guillaume Bunyoni explained that eight of them were handed over to the CNIDH (Independent National Commission on Human Rights)

Burundi Security Minister announced that three squadrons responsible for the fight against ” terrorism ” were also implemented over the past six months.

He also presented a list of military effects; weapons and ammunition that were seized during the same period. There were 164 guns of various types, 199 grenades, 10 mortars bombs , 5 rocket bombs, landmines , more than 120 000 various cartridges and several military and police effects.

Police also reported seizing more than 158 kg of hemp and spilled 250,000 liters of prohibited drinks.


Eloge-Willy Kaneza translated by Lorraine Joisiane Manishatse

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