Two elderly Burundians kidnapped from their farm in Congo

Mathias Mujuriro with his “Umuduri” (a traditional musical instrument)

Mathias Mujuriro with his “Umuduri” (a traditional musical instrument)

Two elderly Burundian farmers, a husband and his wife, have been kidnapped by unknown criminals from their farm on the territory of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the morning of this Monday, according to the police.

Police sources says Bernard Nihende, 64, and his wife Miliyana Ndikumagenge were kidnapped around 9h30 am while they were picking watermelons.

The kidnap comes only few days after two other people were kidnapped from a bus by armed bandits in Gatumba, near the border between Burundi and the DRC.

Adolphe Ntahondereye, a priest, and Mathias Mujuriro, a traditional musician, were kidnapped on Sunday 9 April around 9 pm from a bus. Two other passengers were injured in the incident.

Till now, no information on the whereabouts of the four hostages. Neither is there any information about the reason of their kidnapping or the identity of the kidnappers so far.

Pierre Nkurikiye, the Spokesman for the Burundi National Police, says no link can be established, so far, between the two criminal events. He says the police are “still conducting investigations into the reasons and the culprits of the incidents”.