Tribute to Vincent Nkeshimana

When the funeral of the Burundian journalist Vincent Nkeshimana was taking place in Belgium this October 26, his family members and former colleagues in Burundi paid tribute to him during a mass ceremony in Regina Mundi cathedral in Bujumbura.

Mass in memory of Vincent Nkeshimana in Regina Mundi Cathedral

Mass in memory of Vincent Nkeshimana in Regina Mundi Cathedral

Died at the age of 50 years on 14 October in Belgium, the former journalist and director of Isanganiro radio has been buried with dignity in Belgium this 26 October.

In his homily, Abbe Noel Ntirandekura stressed the wisdom that characterized the late Vincent Nkeshimana. “He was a wise and humble man despite his intelligence and high position. Vincent Nkeshimana was among the most respected Burundian media figures, “said Abbe Ntirandekura.

Joseph Nsabiyabandi, his former colleague and current editor of Isanganiro radio says Nkenshimana raised the radio to an important place in Burundi and internationally. “During the period of eight years Nkeshimana led Isanganiro radio. The latter started broadcasting on internet so that members of the Burundian diaspora would be able to read the news Isanganiro radio website. Thanks to Nkeshimana’s devotion, courage and determination, Isanganiro won several awards intended for the media and journalists,” he praises.

According to him, Nkeshimana was an incomparable director and he advised other journalists to follow his example. “He was a professional journalist who wanted to balance information,” he says.