Three football matches postponed at Prince Louis Rwagasore national stadium

Prince Louis Rwagasore stadium ground full of water on 3 December

Prince Louis Rwagasore stadium ground full of water on 3 December

“Magara Star” versus “Les Lierres”, “Inter-Star” versus “Buja City” and “Messager Buja” versus “Vital’o” were supposed to play on 3 and 4 December in Primus League Championship. “Magara Star” versus “Les Lierres” soccer teams which started to play on 3 December didn’t continue in the second half due to the heavy rain as the Bujumbura national stadium ground was full of water.

The referee decided to stop the game and postponed it to 6 December following the federation’s regulations.

Jérèmie Manirakiza, the Secretary General of Burundi Football Federation says it is due to wrong water pipes around the national stadium and it is not the first time to interrupt the match. “When it rains, the water can’t flow easily and the national stadium ground is full of water”, he says.

Manirakiza says the Burundi Football Federation has no means to rehabilitate the national stadium which has been damaged by the heavy rainfall like other several infrastructures in Bujumbura capital.

Marie Giesen, the chairperson of “Les Lierres” soccer team says she is disappointed by what happened on 3 December. “Our team was prepared to play and the supporters expected to watch a full match. The Prince Louis Rwagasore stadium must have a ground where all national and international teams can play on”, she says.

For her, the competent institutions should solve the problem and rehabilitate the ground.
The water pipes were also blocked in November 2015 when there was a football match between the national teams of Burundi and RDC in the qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.