World Water Day: Pollution of Lake Tanganyika worries REGIDESO

03-23-2018 “We draw water at 3.5 km from the edge of Lake Tanganyika and at 25 meters deep. We are very much concerned by the fact that after analyzing the extracted raw water, we find that it is polluted, “said Desiré Nsengiyumva, Director of Water at the Burundian company in (...)

Waste water, threat to Lake Tanganyika

03-22-2017 On the celebration of the World Water Day which takes place each 22 March, Burundi Ministry of Environment calls on local administrative officials and the population to be involved in the management of wastewater to avoid polluting Tanganyika Lake. Industrial activities such as the discharge of waste oils, various (...)

Water shortage at Karuzi center

09-16-2014 Since a few months the center of Karuzi province is running out of water. The living conditions have worsened rapidly, since the beginning of the shortage. The local representatives have started some activities to improve the situation.– By J.Berchmans Siboniyo and J.Noel Manirakiza According to Yvonne, a mother living (...)

Integrated water resources management in need

09-12-2014 The Global Water Partnership East Africa (GWPEA) through its Water, Climate and Development Program, has organized a two day workshop for media from 25th to 26th August 2014 to reinforce knowledge and evaluate the place given to climate change issues in media.–Diane Uwimana “Few media are interested within the (...)