Human Right

CNIDH: “Demotion decision is based on allegations, hearsay and second-hand information”

03-06-2018 Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza, Chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights says his commission has not yet received an official notification of the decision that demoted CNIDH from statute A to B even if the process lasted two years. He says CNIDH has already introduced a resort. The deadline (...)
EAC integration

EAC Court dismisses complaints by Burundi suspended CSOs

01-25-2018 In the statement released on 24 January, the EAC Court says it rejected the application filed by suspended non-profit civil society organizations for interim orders against the Attorney General of the Republic of Burundi and the Secretary General of the East African Community-EAC. The application is related to the (...)

Interior Minister calls on Burundian refugees to come back home

08-10-2017 Burundi Minister of the Interior is calling on Burundian refugees to come back into the fold. Some refugees say the time is not yet opportune to return to Burundi. Their security is not ensured, according to them. “Some Burundians in exile say they are afraid of returning home thinking (...)

Top exiled civil society activists doubt Facilitator’s willingness to end Burundi crisis

05-18-2017 Exiled civil society leaders say they doubt Benjamin Mkapa’s willingness to help end the Burundi crisis. The Facilitator recently invited them to a two-day meeting due to take place in Entebbe, Uganda from 24 May. The invitation excludes rights group leaders wanted by the Burundi justice. They will be (...)

Rights defenders call on protest against human rights violations in Burundi

04-25-2017 Exiled activists organise demonstrations against alarming rights violations; an idea that is not shared by activists living in Burundi. A number of civil society organisations have called on Burundians in exile to protest against new waves of extra-judiciary executions and forced disappearances. “We call on all Burundians especially those (...)
Human Right

Armel Niyongere : Elected as member of OMCT General Assembly

11-30-2016 World Organization Against Torture –OMCT General Assembly held on 26 November in Geneva, Switzerland, elected new members including Armel Niyongere, a Burundian human rights defender. He was chosen for his commitment to fighting against impunity and torture in Burundi. The Chairman of the Christian Action for the Abolition of (...)

Hunting for CSOs intensifies …

10-31-2016 The striking off and suspension of several civil society organizations (CSOs) by the Burundian government causes fear for the regime and doubt about its governance. “… The above associations have deviated from their goals set in their statutes and are rather busy tarnishing the country’s image and stirring up (...)

Burundi government suspends permanently five local NGOs

10-24-2016 Accused of deviating from the goals set in their statutes, five local non-governmental organizations have been completely banned from working in Burundi by the Interior Minister. The organizations are namely the Forum for the Strengthening of Civil Society (FORSC), the Forum for Awareness and Development (FOCODE), Christian Action for (...)

Death penalty abolition under threat in Burundi

10-10-2016 No death penalty in Burundi since 2009. But extrajudicial killings are common. Additionally, there are signs that the penalty might be reintroduced. As the world celebrates the World Day against Death Penalty, the abolition of the penalty in Burundi is threatened by the prevalence of extrajudicial killings and hints (...)

A “Plot” Resolution

10-10-2016 Burundi government accuses EU of having dictated the recent UN report to destabilize the country. The UN Council for Human Rights adopted on 30 September in Geneva, Switzerland, a resolution on Burundi by setting up an independent commission of inquiry which will determine the perpetrators of violations of human (...)