Woe to him who bumps into a dignitary’s escort

07-22-2016 A bus driver was beaten up and then jailed for hitting a pick-up of the Minister of Public Security’s guard on Thursday 14 July. The victim’s family is surprised by such a treatment for a mere traffic accident. “Cars collided in the roundabout opposite the former Novotel Hotel. The (...)

Burundi Government will never negotiate with “so-called coup plotters”

07-19-2016 The second round of the inter-Burundian dialogue recently held in Arusha was a success despite some reported irregularities. Opposition and civil society representatives deplore the lack of willingness on the part of the Government of Burundi to find out solutions to the current Burundi crisis, while the latter declares (...)


03-20-2015 Many voices have recently warned against Pierre Nkurunziza running for a third term as President of Burundi. The President’s supporters are not listening. The First Blow The first serious blow to the presidential ambitions of Pierre Nkurunziza came on 27 February 2015, and was made by David Gilmour, Deputy (...)