Sources report increasing political intolerance in western Burundi

Two members of the ruling CNDD-FDD youth wing were injured in a clash that erupted in the night of 6 April between CNDD-FDD youths and those of the opposition party CNL in Buganda commune of Cibitoke province in the northwest of Burundi . Six CNL members were arrested.

The office of Buganda commune

Abraham Zirazanye, CNL representative in Buganda commune says he was worried about the harassment members of this party are suffering. He indicates that seven CNL members have been detained since 6 April following the clash that erupted between CNL and CNDD-FDD youths after the latter vandalized the CNL communal office. The incident took place on Cunyu locality in Buganda commune of Cibitoke province.

Zirazanye fears that the situation may worsen if the administrative authorities do not take effective measures to put an end to this political intolerance. He deplores the fact that CNDD-FDD youths enjoy impunity.

“CNDD-FDD youths recently carried out an attack on the home of a CNL leader. They stole his CNL party uniform, BIF 50,000 and his mobile phone, “says CNL communal representative. One of the attackers called Masuguru was arrested, but was immediately released. Members of CNDD-FDD youth league involved in the acts of intimidation against the opponents enjoy impunity, he regrets

The political leader believes that if the political climate does not improve, the upcoming elections scheduled for May 2020 will not be peaceful. After this attack, at least 10 CNL members were arrested while CNDD-FDD members who admitted to having committed this crime were not prosecuted. He added that more than 300 CNL members live in hiding in the forests for fear of being tortured.

Emmanuel Bigirimana, administrator of Buganda believes that CNL members are detained because they have committed a crime. He rejects the accusations against CNDD-FDD of having destroyed the office of CNL. He says administrative authorities plan to organize meetings with political leaders to appease the situation.
Joseph Iteriteka, Provincial Advisor calls on all politicians to coexist peacefully arguing that after the elections life will go on.