Politicians for peaceful conflict resolution during 2020 elections

While the world celebrates the Conflict Resolution Day on October 18, Burundian politicians converge on finding solutions together for any conflict for a smooth running of the 2020 elections.

Térence Manirambona/Keffa Nibizi

Térence Manirambona, Spokesman for CNL party appreciates the current political situation prevailing in the country.

For him, the conflict is not a problem but the way people find solutions raises some concerns.
“When problems occur, Burundians must find solutions themselves”, he says adding that they should also not refer to the past years’ experience as it constitutes the major cause of the current political intolerance.

Mr. Manirambona urges Burundians to value each other and avoid creating cyclical crises. “We are accustomed to seeing that elections are followed by interminable crises,” he says, adding that everyone needs peace and must avoid any confrontation.

As for Keffa Nibizi, chairman of Frodebu Nyakuri party, the situation has gradually improved thanks to different meetings organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs since the last days.
“We regularly meet to analyze and discuss the socio-political situation,” he says adding that such meetings were also organized at communal and provincial levels.

He also adds that young people who are often involved in confrontations should know that the elections are a competition like any other.

“They must know that life goes on even after the elections and should therefore promote peaceful conflict resolution”, he says.