North station for public transit vehicles relocated from Kamenge to Ngagara II

Since Monday morning, Bujumbura authorities in collaboration with the police have relocated the north station for public transit vehicles. Bujumbura City Mayor says the decision was taken to prevent road accidents and promote economic activities at the newly built market commonly called COTEBU.

Public transit vehicles relocated to COTEBU Market.

Public transit vehicles relocated to COTEBU Market.

At 7 AM, at the market commonly known as COTEBU, activities had not yet begun. People crossed from left to right. Some seemed to be lost. Police officers tried to bring order but the task was not easy. The road from Bujumbura city center to Mutakura neighborhood was almost blocked because of the traffic jam. Bujumbura authorities, in collaboration with security forces, were implementing the decision by the Bujumbura City Mayor to relocate the north station for public transit vehicles from Kamenge to Ngagara II area precisely at COTEBU market.
According to some bus drivers, this place is not well laid out for a large number of vehicles.

“Working conditions are not easy because there is no toilet and the place is full of dust. We run the risk of catching poor hygiene related diseases, “says a bus driver using the road to the north of Burundi (Ngozi province) from the capital Bujumbura. He urges competent authorities to properly prepare the new north bus station in order to prevent diseases.

The sellers of small items at the former north bus station say they no longer have customers. Some have decided to relocate to the new north bus station to reach their customers. Until noon they were lamenting that their items were not selling.

“Since this morning, we have not sold any items. Our customers are mainly bus drivers, and passengers who go in the country. Now that they have left Kamenge area, we are also obliged to follow them to have our products sold, “says a young saleswoman

The decision is taken to prevent road accidents

Freddy Mbonimpa, the Mayor of Bujumbura city says he decided to relocate the former northern station because it was not well equipped. “The vehicles were parked on the road and there was a big and quick movement of people. There was a risk of accidents since it was not meant for the market and parking of vehicles, “said Mbonimpa.

He also says Bujumbura City administration decided to relocate the bus station to promote the economic activities at COTEBU market. “The market meets all the hygiene standards and the City Council plans to extend the latrines to facilitate the population”, he says.

The COTEBU market was built to allow traders from the former Central Market Bujumbura burned on 27 January 2013 to be able to continue their trading activities.