No Burundian media broadcasts hate messages, IPGL reveals

“Political opponents, women and ordinary citizens do not occupy enough space in Burundian media,” reveals the survey results on the monitoring of Burundian media presented on Thursday, September 26, 2019 by Institut Panos Grands Lacs (IPGL).

Joselyne Nzobonwanayo, IPGL’s monitoring consultant

This survey was conducted on four media namely National Radio, Iwacu Newspaper, Radio Rema Fm and Radio Isanganiro.

Radio Isanganiro is the first to interview women. “Women cited or interviewed by Radio Isanganiro represents 16.1% while men represent 83.9%.” Iwacu newspaper comes to the top when it comes to interview opposition politicians with 13.2%. Radio Isanganiro follows with 4% while political opponents represent 1% and 0% respectively on National Radio and Rema F.M. The latter interview government officials with 78.1 % for Radio National and 86. 2% for Rema FM.

“During this period, no media has broadcast hate messages,” said Joselyne Nzobonwanayo, IPGL’s monitoring consultant. The monitoring was limited to four media due to the lack of financial means. IPGL then chose the most followed media.