Ngozi cattle breeders concerned over ban on sale of granted cows

Some cattle breeders from Gashikanwa commune in Ngozi province, in the north of the country are complaining because they are not allowed to sell the cows given by the Development Sector Program- Prodefi. They said they ignored the reason why Prodefi and the local administration prevent them from selling one of the cows to satisfy their needs.

Beneficiaries of cows given by Prodefi are not allowed to sell them

On 29 March, one of the cattle breeders from the locality who sold one of his three cows was ordered to give back the remaining cows that were then distributed to other beneficiaries. They urge the administrative and Prodefi officials to review the agreement. “We need to address our needs. The most important thing is not to sell all the cows granted to us”, says one of the beneficiaries.

David Nzisabira, coordinator of Prodefi project in Kayanza and Ngozi provinces said the beneficiaries are aware that it is forbidden to sell the distributed cows. “These are the conventional agreement between the beneficiaries and Prodefi”, he said adding that those who agreed to receive the cows have to abide by the agreement.

On 29 March, six cows were withdrawn from those who didn’t respect the agreement and were then distributed to other beneficiaries.