Mukaza Unemployed people have no hope in census results

A new census of teachers will not address the unemployment problem, according to the education minister. The census, he said, will only register teachers, not create jobs. But it will at least make sure those who have waited longest are the first to get positions as they arise.

René Claude Rukundo: 135 unemployed teachers are already registered in Mukaza Directorate communal

René Claude Rukundo: 135 unemployed teachers are already registered in Mukaza Directorate communal

The education minister has called on unemployed teachers to register themselves to increase transparency in the transfer and employment of teaching staff in Burundi.

The nationwide census of unemployed teachers took place between 12 and 16 December. By Wednesday 14 December, in Mukaza, one of Bujumbura Directorate communal of education, 135 unemployed teachers had registered, said René Claude Rukundo, human Resources advisor in Mukaza commune.

Unemployed teachers in Mukaza are calling for more government action. “This is a first step. To recognise that we are jobless is good. But are we really going to be employed?” said one of unemployed teachers, Salvator Ndayizeye.
“The government has recently said there are no jobs. So what does this census aim to achieve? What is important is job creation,” another unemployed teacher said.

Faustin Nkamiye accused the government of playing games. “It is a kind of psychological manipulation to make unemployed people hopeful,” he said. Elias Niyoyunguruza said it was just a formality. “The government already knows who has finished their studies and who is employed,” he said. ”It would be better if the employment was based on test results to ensure transparency and avoid favouritism,” another unemployed teacher, Marie Annonciate Dusabe, said.

Eduard Juma, spokesman for the education ministry, said the census of unemployed people will not create new jobs. The aim is that, in any case of recruitment, they will begin with those who have been unemployed for a long time.