Muha emergency bridge now functional

Muha emergency bridge is now operational

Muha emergency bridge is now operational

The makeshift bridge connecting Muha and Mukaza municipalities which was destroyed following the torrential rains that fell in Bujumbura on Saturday night is now operational. This bridge was built to temporarily replace the former one under construction for four months since it got destroyed and thus blocking the usual movement of cars and people.

Ntirampeba Claude, a resident of a nearby locality, says he is glad the bridge is now operational. “It was really hard to cross the Muha River since Saturday night. All the people from the south of the Burundian capital were forced to pass on Rumonge road linking the Mukaza Municipality and the southern neighborhoods such as Musaga, Kinanira and Kanyosha, which caused a terrible traffic jam. For him, this emergency bridge is not promising. It is built for provisional use. “We cannot expect to use it for a long time”, says Ntirampeba.

He requested the Public Work Ministry to complete the construction of the former bridge as soon as possible.

Rugerinyange Marc, the Technical Director of EIS-EKA Group, the construction company that is building the former Muha Bridge affirms that the former bridge will reopen before the end of this month.