Michel Kafando, UNSG special representative in Burundi for three days

Michel Kafando, UNSCG representative visits Burundi

Michel Kafando, UNSCG representative visits Burundi

Alain Aimé Nyamitwe, Minister of Foreign Affairs announces that Michel Kafando, Special Adviser of the UN Secretary General to Burundi, is in Burundi since 27 June for three days. “We are waiting for his briefing on how we will cooperate and strengthen the relationships between Burundi and the UN”, says Minister Nyamitwe.

He says Michel Kafando will meet government officials including the Head of State. “It is the first time that he visits Burundi since he was appointed by the UN Secretary General a few months ago. We will listen to him to understand his vision of Burundi,” says Nyamitwe.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs says Burundi government doesn’t have any prejudices about the new UN representative compared to his predecessor, Jamal Benomar. “We believe that he knows very well Africa and the challenges it is faced with”, he says.

The UN Secretary General nominated Michel Kafando, the former chairman of the interim government in Burkina Faso, to replace Jamal Benomar, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on the resolution of Burundi conflict
Burundi Government had challenged him accusing him of producing biased reports on Burundi. The UN representatives come to Burundi with a special mission to observe the situation prevailing in the country in order to produce reports that they submit to the UNSG.