Meeting of Kira Burundi coalition members to elect presidential candidate postponed

Members of Kira Burundi, the new coalition which was created a few days ago, have not been able to hold a press conference this 23 February as planned. Georges Nikiza, spokesperson for this coalition has said it has been postponed due to causes beyond their control.
According to sources within the coalition, there were misunderstandings between political parties and politicians who are founders of the coalition.

Anicet Niyonkuru, chairman of CDP party (Left) and Aloys Baricako (Right) exhibiting Kira Burundi coalition’ badge

“The main challenge was related to the appointment of the presidential candidate for the 2020 elections,” he said.

He added that Jérémie Ngendakumana, former chairman of the ruling CNDD-FDD party who was blocked in Uganda, was unanimously chosen by all members of the coalition to run for president in the election scheduled for May 20.

On 20 February, Aloys Baricako, chairman of Kira Burundi coalition which brings together four political parties, had announced party members were going to meet to elect the presidential candidate.

He said that after submitting the requirements to the Ministry of Home Affairs for those parties to be allowed to participate in the elections as a coalition. .