Leaders of political parties, administration for smooth running of 2020 elections

Leaders of political parties and governors of provinces have met, in their fifth meeting this October 22nd , to assess the current political and security situation in the country seven months before the 2020 elections.

Minister Pascal Barandagiye ( in the middle): “These meetings will also be
organized after 2020 elections”.

Pascal Barandagiye, Minister of Home Affairs has said they meet to assess the achievements made after the last meetings launched since June 2019 and look into political intolerance and manipulation throughout the country. He said leaders of political parties should be more involved in the sensitization campaign of their members to political tolerance for a smooth running of the 2020 elections.

Agathon Rwasa, Chairman of CNL party appreciated the prevailing situation even though some gaps are still observed. He said some administrative officials complicated the situation. “They say that a party office must be established at 1000 meters from another one while there is no law stipulating this activity”, he said.

For him, administrative officials should sensitize people to how they should behave and live in good harmony during this electoral process. Agathon Rwasa also suggested that local administrative officials should also attend those meetings to interact with others. “Our CNL party offices are destroyed and members persecuted”, he said.

As for Joseph Ntakarutimana, Deputy Secretary of CNDD-FDD ruling party, those regular meetings organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs between political parties and administrative officials have contributed very much to the improvement of the current situation. He, however, said some members of the Communal and Provincial Independent Electoral Commissions would disrupt the electoral process, if nothing is done. “Some members wear uniforms of their political parties while they are supposed to be impartial. This behavior should discredit their activities”, he said.

Different governors present in the meeting have indicated that it would be better if they are informed of any political activity organized in their respective areas.

Calenie Mbarushimana, Governor of Karusi province said leaders of political parties should avoid working on emotional facts. “There isn’t any CNL party office that was destroyed in Karusi province as any CNL mark wasn’t identified on the offices”, he said adding that the recent one that was destroyed was damaged by heavy rain. She called on party officials to inform the administrative officials of any activity organized in the province. Minister Pascal Barandagiye has indicated that those meetings will also be organized after the 2020 elections. Participants have also convened to establish a code of conduct to political parties for the 2020 elections.