Lack of “tactical discipline” has caused South-Sudan to lose match to Burundi

South-Sudan football team coach has admitted his players’ mistake cost them the African Cup of Nations qualifier with Burundi that feared them.

Burundi team dominated the South-Sudanese team throughout most part of the game.

Burundi team dominated the South-Sudanese team throughout most part of the game.

The national team of South-Sudan suffered a 3-0 embarrassing defeat in an African Cup of Nations (CAN) match with Burundi because it lacked tactical discipline, according to Bilal Felix Komoyangi, the team’s head coach
“Our players in the first half were not tactically disciplined. That’s why we conceded three goals in 30 minutes”, said Mr. Komoyangi, shortly after the match at Prince Louis Rwagasore stadium in Bujumbura on Sunday.

The two first goals were scored at the 15th and 16th minutes, while the third was scored at the 30th of the first half. No goal was scored in the second half.

For Burundi team, Intamba, the victory was not likely.

Owing to South Sudanese team performance in matches it had played before, Intamba was not sure it would win.
As for 1 June, the South- Soudanese team ranked 147th, one place before the Burundi national team.

“They were ranked before us according to FIFA ranking, and we were afraid because of that”, said Olivier Niyungeko, Head Coach of Burundi national team.

He attributed Intamba’s victory to the team’s readiness and the physical tiredness of South-Sudanese players who had arrived in Bujumbura on Saturday evening.

The match was the first for Burundi in the qualifiers for the CAN of 2019. Burundi and South Sudan are in group C with Gabon and Mali.

Mr. Niyungeko said the victory will help Burundi team face upcoming matches with confidence.