« Kira Burundi », new political coalition for upcoming elections

Four political parties namely CDP, RANAC, PAJUDE and FEDS have coalesced into “Kira Burundi” for the 2020 elections.
Aloys Baricako, chairman of the coalition says they want to join forces to win the forthcoming elections.

Anicet Niyonkuru, chairman of CDP party (Left) and Aloys Baricako (Right) exhibiting the coalition’s badge

“Unity is strength and we share the same society project,” he has said, after submitting the requirements to the Ministry of Home Affairs, this February 20.
Mr. Baricako has said members of “Kira Burundi” coalition will choose their presidential candidate once the Ministry of Home Affairs has approved their request to participate in the 2020 elections as a coalition.

“We expect to elect the presidential candidate as soon as possible and we will participate in all types of elections,” he said, calling other political parties to join the coalition.
Besides COPA 2020 which is made up of seven political parties, there are also 17 political parties and nine independent candidates that already confirmed their participation in the 2020 elections