Judo: official launch of preparations for African junior and senior championship

“The Burundian Judo Federation was authorized to organize in Bujumbura a championship of Africa Juniors and Seniors, edition 2018”, Jean Bosco Hitimana, Minister of Youth and Sports and Culture told journalists on 15 March, on the occasion of the official launch of the preparations for the African Junior and Senior Judo Championship.

Jean Bosco Hitimana: “The country will earn about 600 thousand dollars,"

Jean Bosco Hitimana: “The country will earn about 600 thousand dollars,”

The minister of culture said the judo federation hosted 3 inspection missions to assess the progress of the preparation for the championship scheduled from 10 to 13 May 2018. “These missions took place respectively in August 2017, November 2017 and January 2018,” says the minister.

Over 35 countries will take part in the championship with more than 300 judokas and more than 150 officials from various countries will spend 10 days in Bujumbura.

Minister Hitimana says this event will have an economic impact on the country. “Almost all these delegations will pay their entry visas to Burundi and the selected hotels will be fully occupied for 10 days, the country will consequently earn foreign currencies,” he says.

He says that restaurant owners, art dealers and others will also benefit from that championship. “The country will earn about 600 thousand dollars,” says Hitimana.

He also emphasizes that hosting such an event is an honor for our country in general, and for our youth in particular, given the crisis Burundi has just gone through.

However, he says Burundi needs more visibility, for that, hosting an international event revives the image of our country.

Valery Manirakiza, the chairman of Burundi Judo Federation (FBJ) affirms that preparations are going well. He invites everyone to contribute to the smooth running of the event.

The 2018 African Junior and Senior Championship is important since it qualifies the best judokas for both Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games in 2018 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.