Jean Bigirimana

Iwacu is extremely concerned about the journalist, Jean Bigirimana

On the 5th day of the unexplained disappearance of the journalist, from Brussels, the Iwacu Press Group Manager, Antoine Kaburahe, makes an appeal to Burundian authorities.

Jean Bigirimana

Jean Bigirimana

Since the afternoon of last Friday, 22 July, we have no record of our colleague, Jean Bigirimana. While during the weekend the most alarming rumors went around (kidnapping and murder, etc.), despite our concern, Iwacu opted for compliance with legal procedures and refrained from any charge or negative comments towards the officials.

Thus, we have officially informed the National Media Council-CNC, which also supports the protection of journalists.

On the fifth day of his missing, we strongly appeal to the Burundian government to do its best that Jean Bigirimana be released.

However, we are not saying that the journalist should not face justice. Jean is a Burundian citizen before being a journalist. But we ask that his arrest follow the rules of law, and that the arrest warrant be served on him and that he appear in court.

What we ask falls within the law and humanity. Jean Bigirimana is not a criminal. Unemployed for a few months, the former journalist of Radio Rema had just been recruited by Iwacu. Graduated in Law, a discreet boy and a hard worker, Jean is a head of a family. May those who detain him, surely husbands and fathers think of his two sons :Don Douglas, aged 8 , John Kiny, 3 and his young wife Godeberthe aged 28. This family has been living in deep anxiety for 5 days.

On behalf of Iwacu Press Group and his family, we ask that Jean Bigirimana’ s life be saved and preserved so that he can restore his freedom.

Antoine Kaburahe,
Iwacu Press Group Manager