Jean Bigirimana

In anguish, Iwacu awaits the news about journalist Jean Bigirimana

Breaking: Jean Bigirimana still alive, beaten and starvingAs promised to Iwacu, the chairman of CNIDH (National Independent Commission on Human Rights) went to Muramvya Wednesday afternoon to investigate the whereabouts of journalist Jean Bigirimana. The Commission chairman was expected to give a press conference the night of the very day. Eventually, the commission announced the conference would take place this Thursday. To our unpleasant surprise, we are informed that the meeting has just been postponed again. It seems the CNIDH wants to conduct “more inquiries”. But one thing is sure: journalist Jean Bigirimana is not in Muramvya. “We believe that CNIDH would not have failed to tell us the good news”, says Antoine Kaburahe, the Publications Manager. As for Iwacu, we keep waiting impatiently and anxiously for the news of our colleague.