FRODEBU determined to participate in 2020 election at any cost

“Despite the restriction of political space in the country, FRODEBU party will participate in the upcoming 2020 elections,” said Pierre Claver Nahimana, FRODEBU chairman, at a press conference held on 21 November when presenting the electoral strategy of this party.

Leaders of FRODEBU party at a press conference

He refers to recent attacks carried out by an armed group in Bubanza province, western Burundi, as well as cases of political intolerance reported in various areas of the country.
“We hear leaders of CNL party complaining that their offices have been demolished in various areas of the country,” Nahimana said adding that he heard some families of Ngozi province saying that they found red crosses drawn on their homes by unidentified people. This constitutes an act of intimidation, according to him.

“Could we say that the prevailing political climate is favorable for peaceful elections?” he wonders. He calls on the authorities to clean up the political climate to prevent the 2015 events from happening again.