Four police officers wounded in a grenade attack in central Bujumbura

Four policemen were injured as a result of a grenade attack that occurred last night around 9pm in central Bujumbura. Two of the victims were seriously injured, according to Diane Gahimbare, Chief of Bwiza I neighborhood, in Mukaza Commune, Bujumbura.

Entrance of Bwiza Zone premises

Entrance of Bwiza Zone premises

She says the perpetrators were in a pickup truck. “The driver broke into the premises of the Bwiza Zone before a grenade was thrown at police officers who were on duty there,” Gahimbare says.

She says the perpetrators fled after committing the crime: “We were unable to identify the criminals or the vehicle’s registration plate,” she says.

The Police spokesman, Pierre Nkurikiye says the police undertake investigations to identify the criminals. “The vehicle had a temporary registration plate (IT),”he says.

A grenade attack also took place in the night of 9 July in northern Burundi where five people died and over 50 were wounded.