EU-AU PSC called on Burundi for genuine dialogue

The African Union Peace and Security Council-AU PSC and the European Union Peace and Security Council- EU PSC expressed hope that the report of former President Mkapa, to the recent EAC Summit, and the response of Heads of State, can accelerate the process. They commended the mediation efforts deployed by President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, the EAC Mediator and former President Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania, EAC Facilitator in the Inter-Burundian Dialogue.

This resulted from a communiqué issued on 25 October after their 9th Annual Joint Consultative Meeting held in Brussels, Belgium, as part of their regular dialogue within the framework of the Africa – EU partnership. The Joint Consultative Meeting was preceded by an informal joint retreat of the AU PSC and the EU PSC, held on 24 October 2016, which provided a platform for an informal exchange on countering terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism as well as on migration.

The EU and AU PSC noted that the AU PSC assessment during its visit to the country in June 2016 was that the security situation had improved in the country. However, the AU PSC and the EU PSC expressed their continued preoccupation with the security situation in the country and encouraged efforts to continue improving it. “The East African Community (EAC) facilitation needs to succeed on the understanding that only an inclusive dialogue can bring a viable solution” said the joint communiqué. The AU PSC and EU PSC called on the government and opposition to engage genuinely in the Dialogue.

Finally, they agreed on the need for the full deployment of AU observers in the field, both civilian and military.