Environment group to distribute young trees for free

Jadot Nkurunziza working alongside volunteers in a nursery in Nyakabiga, Bujumbura

Jadot Nkurunziza working alongside volunteers in a nursery in Nyakabiga, Bujumbura

The environment association “Ça Nous Concerne Tous” intends to distribute young trees to residents of Bujumbura town and its overhanging hills from 22 December this year. “The only requirement to get the trees is to be a lover of the protection of the environment”, says Jadot Nkurunziza, the president of the association.

The association that was created in 1999 has the objective of protecting the environment. With 6000 volunteers throughout the country, the group plants and distributes trees. The latter, which are made of fruit and non-fruit plants, are intended for the protection of the riverside land, the reforestation of naked hills andthe adornment of towns. According to Nkurunziza, the non-profit association has planted and distributed over 57 million trees in 17 of the 18 provinces of the country.

The group has an international recognition that has earned its 23 years old president an invitation to the Climate Change Conference to be held in Marrakech, Morocco from 7 to 18 November this year. Nkurunziza says that he, however, might not attend it as he has not obtained a plane ticket so far. “I ask anyone who appreciates what we are doing and is aware of the positive impact participating to the conference might have to support us”, says Nkurunziza.The association grows trees in nurseries from which they are either distributed to people who ask for them or planted by the group’s volunteers. Nkurunziza explainsthat a request for trees is followed by an inspection by a team of volunteers to make sure the person’s motivations contribute to the objective of the association. After confirmation, the person is given the trees.

The association also gives some support like transport.“Ça Nous Concerne Tous” faces challenges in its daily activities. “There is a lack of materials such as small bags to grow the trees. We also have a shortage of transport means. I ask support from not only the government, but also any Burundian who understands the impact of environment on the development of our country “, says Nkurunziza