Joella Bigirimana


“Elections marred by irregularities”

05-20-2020 At least 17 CNL party members have been arrested by the police in Rumonge Province around 11:30 a.m. Nine were arrested in Gatobo locality in Burambi Commune, four downtown Rumonge including a CNL leader in that locality while others were arrested in Mutambara locality. According to Obède Ntakiyiruta, the (...)

Rumonge: Waste management poses problem without dump

06-12-2019 Waste from households or units extracting palm oil and the lack of latrines in some public places are the main concerns expressed by the population during an exchange meeting organized by “Yaga Burundi” association. The commune promises the establishment of a dumpDue to the lack of a dump, wastes (...)

Politicians diverge on message delivered by Catholic Bishops

12-27-2018 Following the concerns raised by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi-CECAB on the prevailing situation in the country on the eve of Christmas Day, political leaders have differently welcomed the message delivered in different catholic churches. Tatien Sibomana, spokesperson for the Coalition of Independents ‘Amizero y’Abarundi” says the (...)

African Union Shouldn’t Tolerate Banning Pregnant Girls from School

07-19-2018 By Agnes Odhiambo and Elin Martinez In June, Burundi joined a small group of African countries that ban pregnant girls from continuing with formal education in government schools. Burundi’s Education Ministry banned the boys who get the girls pregnant as well as the girls themselves from going to public (...)

Artists, respect our privacy

02-14-2015 The use of social media is emerging in Burundi.One in three young people cannot spend more than 30 minutes without being connected. The suppliers of goods and services are not to be outdone. Many use social networks to sell the image of their company. But a bad habit is (...)