Eight people already arrested following Mukoni Military Camp attack

The police have arrested suspects in the robbery attempt

The police have arrested suspects in the robbery attempt

They have been arrested this 25 January. Five were arrested and handed over to the police in the early morning of 24 January following heavy gunshots heard in the night of 23 January near the Mukoni military camp, north eastern Muyinga Province.
“The suspects in the robbery attempt include three former soldiers, two others who were still working in the National Army and three civilians”, says Pierre Nkurikiye, Police spokesman. He says that the three civilians are from the sites of Mutaho and Taba in Gitega central Province, where internally displaced people live.

In the early morning of 25 January, the security forces besieged the site of Mutaho. “ It was a simple search operation mounted in that area given that the three people arrested in Muyinga Province were from there”, says Nkurikiye.

He says a pair of boots, a police raincoat, a bayonet and 2.5 kilos of cannabis have been seized after the operation.

On 11 December 2015, four military camps, three from the capital Bujumbura and another one from Bujumbura Province have been attacked by unknown armed men. Colonel Gaspard Baratuza, the Army spokesperson said 87 people were killed in the attack.