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East Africa Junior Tennis Competition

Tennis players under 18, from Africa, America and Europe are gathered in Burundi for the East Africa Junior Circuit U 18, from 17 November to 6 December at Entente Sportive to Bujumbura.-By Yves Didier Irakoze

A competitor during the match ©Iwacu

A competitor during the match ©Iwacu

According to Hassan Murisho, a coach at the East Africa Tennis Training Center at Entente Sportive, the tournament is going well. But not for Burundi’s players. “Burundi took first place in this tournament during the last seven years, but this time around the Burundian players are not strong enough to maintain that standing”, Murisho points out.

He goes on saying that the players from the Burundi Tennis Federation were not adequately prepared. Abdoul Ishaka is the only Burundian player still in the competition in this second week, while,15 Burundians started the tournament. “In previous years, Burundians classified for the finals, but this year we are not sure to even reach the quarter finals”, Murisho regrets.

Kenya, on the other hand, is doing very well this second week. Abdoul Ishaka doubles with a Kenyan girl and together they are taking a lead. Ismaël Changawa Ruwa Mza, another Kenyan indicates that he is doing well. “Thanks to a lot of matches and training sessions, I have a good standing”, he says happily. Teresia Londol, a 15 year old American player says she plays tennis since she was eleven 11 years old. She enjoys Burundi and says that working hard is the key to succeeding.