CNL party presidential candidate for free and fair election

Agathon Rwasa, Chairman of CNL party has submitted all required documents for the presidential election set on 20 May to the National Independent Electoral Commission, this February 27. He has said the electoral commission should conduct a good electoral process to satisfy everybody. “We have just submitted the required documents and we are happy that they have been accepted,” he said adding that the results must be the expression of the Burundians’ aspiration instead of the will of a group of individuals. “We wish an inclusive, credible, free and fair election. If all these conditions are met, no one should reject the results of the election,” he said.

Agathon Rwasa submitting the required documents to CENI agents

Agathon Rwasa has also expressed his concerns about security issues. He has said it is shameful to see that there are some wrongdoers who try to destabilize the security situation. In addition, he said, some administrative officials want to attribute such troubles to CNL party members. “Everybody should be reassured that the establishment of CNL party hasn’t any link with violence,” he said adding that his party members are urged to be tolerant and refrain from any kind of violence.

Agathon Rwasa has also appealed to all Burundians to stand firm and fight against whoever tries to hamper the stability of the country. “We need peace and stability in our country. We don’t need any violence,” he concluded.