CNL party denounces members’ persecution in Bujumbura province

Thierry Ndayishimiye, Secretary of CNL party in Bujumbura province says the cases of political intolerance often occur these days in Bujumbura province. “Juvenal Hicuburundi, CNL party secretary in Kanyosha locality was about to be arrested for false possession of weapons near his home this April 6,” says Ndayishimiye. He says the incident happened when the police carried out a search in the locality and reported that they discovered hidden weapons near his home.

Six CNL party members detained in Mutimbuzi commune since April 6

“Local residents intervened and denounced these false allegations and the police tried to arrest his spouse in vain,” he says adding that Juvenal Hicuburundi has already fled the locality. “When he heard that he is accused of illegal possession of weapons, he decided to flee instead of appearing in the police court for investigation,” he says.

Thierry Ndayishimiye also adds that six party members from Mutimbuzi commune are detained in Gatumba police dungeon since 6 April. He says they have been arrested over the misunderstandings that occurred between CNL party members and the Imbonerakure youths during the inaugural ceremonies of the CNL party office in Buterere neighborhood on April 4. “Some of our party members from Mutimbuzi commune were prevented from attending those ceremonies,” he says.

Ndayishimiye calls on the administrative officials to intervene so that those cases of political intolerance cease and people live in harmony. “The police should also equally protect all party members,” he says. Iwacu has tried to contact Nadine Gacuti, Governor of Bujumbura province but to no avail.