CNDD ready to participate in 2020 elections, says spokesman

At a press conference held this August 12, Gaspard Kobako, Spokesperson for the party National Council for the Defense of Democracy-CNDD has said members of the party will participate in the 2020 elections if nothing hinders the electoral process. “We have already shown our will to participate in the 2020 elections and our members are getting ready for that national event,” he says.
However, if the persecution against CNDD party members continues, they will withdraw from the electoral process, he adds.

Gaspard Kobako: “We will participate in the 2020 elections if nothing hinders the process.”

CNDD party spokesman says the inclusion of their members among the communal and provincial electoral commissions will prove that the party will participate in the 2020 elections. “We want to work in good condition. We don’t want to get into troubles with any person,” he says.
Gaspard Kobako exhorts the National Independent Electoral Commission to include as many political parties as possible in the commission.

“As the government didn’t consider our suggestions when it appointed the members of the National Electoral Commission, we would appreciate it if it includes us in the communal and provincial commissions,” he says.

CNDD Spokesperson urges the government to release political detainees, stop the persecution of members of the opposition, repatriate all refugees, and suspend the arrest warrants for political leaders and human rights defenders suspected of having participated in the 2015 protests. Gaspard Kobako also says that there is no arrest warrant against Léonard Nyangoma, CNDD party chairman. “Whenever he wishes to return home, he will do it”, says Kobako. Léonard Nyangoma left the country in 2011.

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