CFOR-Arusha not to participate in 2020 elections

Charles Nditije, one of the founders of the Coalition of Burundian Opposition Forces for the Restoration of the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement-CFOR-Arusha has said the coalition is against the 2020 elections.

Charles Nditije: “The electoral process will be organized in biased framework”.

“The electoral process will be organized in a biased framework,” he said adding that the political and security situation is not conducive to the organization of the elections.

Mr Nditije says opponents are persecuted in the country. “The most obvious example is the members of CNL party who are always persecuted and tortured whereas the president of CNL party is among the government officials”, he says.

Charles Nditije says CFOR-Arusha coalition would like to show the world that the upcoming elections are not going to solve the crisis. “They will rather worsen the situation,” he says.

For the founders of CFOR-Arusha, their coalition will continue to plead for the restoration of the Arusha Agreement and be an open platform to other forces of the nation and a framework for the analysis of Burundian problems through the creation of regional centers and technical commissions.

“We also seek to propose a social project for Burundians which goes beyond the current crisis,” says Nditije. The coalition was created by exiled politicians and former members of CNARED.

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