Catholic bishops concerned over political intolerance observed in electoral campaign

In a statement issued on May 11, Bishop Joachim Ntahondereye, Chairman of the Conference of Burundi Catholic Bishops has said the wrong attitudes displayed by some candidates in the electoral campaign prompt others to political intolerance.

Burundi Catholic Bishops say Burundians should vote freely “Yes” or “No” without any pressure

“We are particularly concerned over this intolerance that led to confrontations, killings and injuries without any intervention,” said Bishop Ntahondereye adding that there are cases of abduction, persecution and destabilization reported in some localities.

“One person was found dead four days after he was reported missing,” he said. He deplores the fact that those who are responsible for finding solution to these conflicts have trouble abiding by the law with impartiality.

Bishop Ntahondereye calls on politicians and their followers to respect human rights. “Candidates in the electoral campaign must abide by the electoral code and the code of conduct signed by political parties,” he has said.

He also said those who are responsible for the electoral process and other authorities must remain vigilant to ensure freedom for all.

“We will continue to live together even after the elections”, he has said calling all Burundians to be ready to accept the results of the elections and ensure that no one can cause instability and war.