Candidates in 2020 presidential elections to deposit BIF 30 million

The National Assembly adopted, in the evening of April 17, the Electoral Code that will govern the 2020 elections. A deposit of BIF 30 million is required for a candidate in the presidential election, the new code says.

MPs adopting electoral code that will govern the 2020 elections

As for an independent candidate, they must have spent at least on year without being a member of a political party. They also must not have been part of a governing body of the party for two years. The independent candidate will also have to win 40% of the vote legislative elections in the constituency where they will be elected.

The adopted electoral code provides for the holding of the presidential, legislative and communal elections on the same day while the election of Senators and chiefs of zones will be organized later.
According to the new electoral code, the campaign period goes from two to three weeks for the first three elections.

Léonce Ngendakumana, deputy chairman Frodebu party does not appreciate the newly adopted electoral code saying that it refers to the new Constitution adopted in May 2018 which broke the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement and the 2015 Constitution that resulted from it.

For him the deposit of BIF 30 million required to presidential candidates is exorbitant. “Burundians are extremely poor. They cannot pay this money to participate in the presidential elections,” says Ngendakumana.

Mr Ngendakumana says Burundians will fail to organize credible and transparent elections if the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement is not respected.

Jean de Dieu Mutabazi, chairman of the Rally of Democrats for the Development of Burundi believes that the electoral code is reassuring. He calls on the Independent National Electoral Commission to strictly comply with it.