Bwiza residents worried about uncovered septic tanks located in streets

On some avenues of Bwiza zone, in central Bujumbura, there are uncovered septic tanks that often cause accidents. Some residents of the Bwiza area fear for their road safety.

an uncovered hole on the 2nd avenue at Bwiza zone.

an uncovered hole on the 2nd avenue at Bwiza zone.

On the 4th avenue of the zone, near the office of Bwiza zone, there are two uncovered holes in the road. “They emit musty odors,” says a Bwiza resident.

A mother of two met on this avenue says she fears for the health of her children. “My children are used to playing in the street, I’m afraid they will fall into the hole,” she says adding that when it rains the holes are filled with dirt that flowed with the rain water.

She report that his younger son fell seriously ill. “They had drunk the water out of this hole. Yet I keep forbidding them to approach this hole. ”
A young man doing domestic work in a nearby house says that these septic tanks have already caused several accidents.

On the 2nd avenue, there is another uncovered hole in front of a bar called “Belle Vie”. The bar owner says she has already covered the hole but to no avail. “The lid quickly collapsed, there was not solid concrete to resist the weight of all vehicles that pass by this road,” she says
She regrets that a few months ago, a bicycle taxi user was seriously wounded. “He did not see that there was a hole, he fell into it and his jaw was fractured.”

A resident in his fifties deplores the fact that there are people who come to throw household garbage in the hole. “It is built to evacuate the wastes from toilets but it is often clogged by solid waste,” he says. He also says he pays BIF 15,000 per month to remove this garbage from this hole.
Bwiza residents ask the authorities to cover these holes.
Salvator Mudugi, Bwiza chief zone assures that they have already ordered lids to cover all uncovered holes.