Burundi achieved positive results in combating corruption, says Good Governance Minister

In the workshop held on September 3rd, the Burundian Minister of Good Governance has said Burundi has achieved good results in the fight against corruption.

Jeanne d’Arc Kagayo: “The fight against corruption is a daily mission”

Jeanne d’Arc Kagayo, Burundian Minister of Good Governance says several new administrative and judicial institutions have been created to combat corruption and corruption-related crimes.
“The government of Burundi has created institutions such as the National directorate in charge of controlling public contracts, the Special anti-corruption brigade, the Anti-corruption special court, etc.,” she says.

However, the Minister of Good Governance says there is still a long way to go to successfully combat corruption. “The fight against corruption and corruption- related crimes is an everyday mission,” she adds.

Mrs. Kagayo says the Government of Burundi is drawing up a capacity building program involving staff training activities for the repression of corruption and corruption-related crimes.
Saint Augustin Mwendambali, an expert in the fight against corruption says the Central African region to which Burundi belongs is the most corrupt region in Africa.

He says corruption poses a big problem in the region. “There must be a political will to combat corruption,” he adds.

Mr. Mwendambali says there should be sensitization and mobilization of people to eliminate corruption.
“The fight against corruption must be one of the priorities over the modernization of public administrations or services in Africa,” says Begoto Miarom, Chairman of the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption.

He calls on African countries to adopt measures to combat corruption and corruption-related crimes in the public services.

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2018 by Transparency International country/BDI, Burundi is classified 170 out of 180 countries, a report that the Government of Burundi rejects categorically.

The workshop was organized in the context of the consultation on the Central African Region regarding the implementation of the African Charter for the fight against corruption.