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Bubanza: Man buries two kids alive accusing them of stealing corncobs

A man called Nyandwi Elias from Bubanza western province seriously beat two kids namely Egide Bigirimana and Tuyisenge aged 10 and 12 respectively after burying them up to their chests in his plot.

One of two kids accused of stealing corncobs was buried alive

One of two kids accused of stealing corncobs was buried alive

He accused them of stealing corncobs from his field, said Chadrack, one of the local officials in Mpanda Commune.

He says the two victims were saved by Nyandwi’s neighbors who intervened because these children were screaming. “Since then, Nyandwi went back for a while,” he says. The incident took place on 14 January afternoon, on Nyamabere hill of Mpanda Commune in Bubanza western province of Burundi.

Jacques Nshimirimana, Chairman of the National Federation of Associations Engaged in Children’s Welfare (FENADEB) says that this despicable act is proof that Burundians are not yet involved in the promotion of children’s rights. “In Burundian culture, if children make a mistake, parents talk to each other and punish them together without traumatizing them. But what happened in Nyamabere is a despicable and barbaric act that must be discouraged, “says Nshimirimana

This children’s rights activist demands that Burundi justice try the perpetrator of this crime according to the law. He also calls on the whole population to contribute to the promotion of children’s rights in Burundi. “If the rights of another person’s child are violated, even yours are not spared. We are all concerned,” says Nshimirimana

He worries that torturing children is becoming a widespread phenomenon. He refers to the two other children aged 5 and 9 whose left wrists were amputated in November 2017 by two other teenagers. They were accused of stealing corn.