ANSS has just received an equipped mobile clinic

National Association for HIV-positive people and people living with HIV (ANSS) has received an equipped vehicle from the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA). The donated vehicle will be used as a mobile clinic.-By Joanna Nganda

Jeanne Gapiya ANSS Chairperson, Ismaila Mbegue UNFPA Representative. ©Iwacu

Jeanne Gapiya ANSS Chairperson, Ismaila Mbegue UNFPA Representative. ©Iwacu

This last Friday 15th November 2013, ANSS has been thrilled by the donated mobile clinic that will help it to reach all the beneficiaries of ANSS and Burundian population in general. The equipped mobile clinic will be used for the ANSS program called ‘Advanced Strategies of HIV diagnoses’. People who live in remote areas will also benefit from the mobile clinic, a good example is the Batwa‘s community that will be familiarized with HIV dangers and acquire preventive knowledge. Ismaila Mbengue, UNFPA Representative, has thanked ANSS for its outstanding work to prevent HIV and taking care of its victims. He has also appreciated the recent ANSS implication in maternal health and family planning especially in regard of teenagers’ health. Ismaila Mbegue was delighted to give a donation to ANSS because the vehicle will be put to good use and help ANSS to continue doing what it does best i.e. HIV prevention, counseling, patient care, and family planning. Ismaila Mbengue has stressed the fact that a partnership is being developed between UNFPA and ANSS. Within this framework, the mobile clinic is a small donation, ANSS can expect more donations and support in the near future. Jeanne Gapiya, ANSS Chairperson, has specified that the equipped mobile clinic is not the first donation from UNFPA. In fact, ANSS received equipment before and it has already begun working in the field of family planning. Jeanne Gapiya had the opportunity to mention that the family planning services are now available at ANSS, not only for HIV-positive patients but for all interested people; everyone is welcome.

Jeanne Gapiya has warmly thanked UNFPA for the donation and said that it will be of great help “this vehicle will allow us to go where we couldn’t go and reach our target: the youth. It will reinforce our work because it is well-equipped. At ANSS, we have understood that nowadays we have to reach out for people and not wait for them to come to us, especially when raising awareness about HIV in schools. For instance, last year we visited 1500 students at Kamenge Technical School (ETS), many of them live in remote areas and it’s very hard for them to come to ANSS to get tested or talk about sexuality. It is very important to overcome culture’s taboos and talk about sexuality to the youth.” Jeanne Gapiya was thankful to UNFPA and the United Nations in general for supporting ANSS; this shows the true commitment of the United Nations to support the Burundian government through its partners such as ANSS.