A very slow re-enrolment in Public Universities

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided to drive all students out of Universities. The latter are asked to register again after signing a commitment act, but they respond very slowly.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse

Last year’s Students plus those from Military Higher Institute being registered.©Iwacu

Last year’s Students plus those from Military Higher Institute being registered.©Iwacu

Students have been requested to register again after having signed an act of commitment. The act demands them to respect the University regulations and never to go on strike again. Few students have already registered since Monday 24 March 2014. In the Faculty of Law, only 42 students out of 720 while in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, 77 students out of 2272 have already proceeded to re-enrolment. In other Faculties such as Sciences, Psychology, Medicine, Economy and Agriculture only 31, 10, 110, 27 and 35 have respectively registered again. It is worth mentioning that this Wednesday, 26th March 2014 was the last day for the new registration. The registrars indicate that the majority of students already re-enrolled are from the last years. Some of them have finished their academic studies; other students from Military Higher Institute (ISCAM) are registering because they are not concerned by the scholarship. “Students from the last years are obliged to register again so that they can get access to library for their dissertation research. They also want to get their qualification certificates,” explains one of the registrars.

“We can’t proceed to a new registration as far as our claims are not satisfied”

N. M, a student from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in 1st year, met at Rohero Campus, indicates that she can’t register anew. “I am here to check those who are registering. The scholarship is very important for students, if it is suspended, I am sure the majority of Burundians will no longer enter the Universities. That is the reason why we must fight for it,” he says. Students’ Representatives points out they should not proceed to a new registration because real problems that have pushed them to strike are not solved. Furthermore, they qualify that registration out of norms. “It is not understandable why the graduates who have finished the Academic Year 2012-2013 can be re-enrolled as some of them have already got their qualification certificate,” he regrets.
It is worthy to highlight that, the registration would last one day i.e Monday, but in the afternoon, the Rector of the University of Burundi has extended the registration duration. The Director of Higher Teachers’ Training School has indicated that the registration will continue in order to facilitate all students who may have got some problems to be re-enrolled. However, she doesn’t indicate the deadline.