468 cases of SGBV recorded in Ngozi province in three months

The family and community development center – CDFC in Ngozi recorded 468 cases of SGBV during the last three months. The center representative says there is an upsurge of SGBV because the same center had recorded 320 cases during the first three months of this year.

116 cases of rape were recorded during the last three months

116 cases of rape were recorded during the last three months

Charles Ndihokubwayo, the chief of CDFC Ngozi, says there has also been an increase in cases of rape in Ngozi. “Over the past three months, 116 cases of rape have been recorded while they were only 56 cases in the first trimester”.

Mr Ndihokubwayo says the records include sexual, physical, psychological and socio-economic violence, adding that women are the most victims of such violence.

He says one of the reasons why CDFC has registered a high number of SGBV cases is their sensitization campaign about the new specific law against SGBV promulgated on September 22, 2016. “We have conducted some sensitization sessions about the new law. Nowadays, people do not fear to denounce SGBV,” he says.

He says, however, that there may be other reasons why numbers of victims of SGBV keep on increasing. “Surely there are other reasons, but they are not yet known,” he says.

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