' Faustin Ndikumana, the chairman of PARCEM

New austerity measures will target most vulnerable, NGOs say

12-24-2016 Two NGOs have decried a series of austerity measures the government of Burundi has adopted in its 2017 budget. The austerity measures are aimed at trying to remain on two feet in the face of a faltering national economy, mainly due to cuts of foreign sponsors on which it (...)
' Faustin Ndikumana appeals to parliamentarians to urge the government to submit promptly the execution of the third 2016 quarterly budget report

PARCEM deplores Burundi government delay in submitting budget bill

10-06-2016 The local NGO aiming at awakening conscience and changing Burundians’ mentality (PARCEM) deplores Burundi government’s delay in sending the budget bill for 2017 to the parliament.”It is through the budget law that we really see the orientation of political development, economic strategies and decisions taken by the government in (...)
' Education reform yes, but when timely

Education reform yes, but when timely

09-29-2016 Many reforms have been introduced recently in the Burundi educational system from basic to higher education. This school year 2016-2017, the first class of the basic school system adopted in 2013 in primary and secondary education started their first year of post-basic school. The schooling system provides trade learning (...)
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PARCEM: Arab countries not ready to assist Burundi

09-14-2016 On the occasion of the celebration of Eid El Hadj , Pascal Nyabenda, Speaker of the Burundian National Assembly who has joined Burundian Muslims in Gatumba, western part of Bujumbura the capital, asked them to plead for Arab countries’ assistance to Burundi. Faustin Ndikumana, the Chairman of PARCEM, a (...)
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“Good to celebrate, but identify challenges first!”

08-05-2016 On the eve of the celebration of the national day of communes on 6 August, the local NGO–PARCEM organized this 3 August a press briefing to give some solutions to different challenges observed in communes. “A commune is the showcase for the development achievements. However, some challenges are still (...)
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European Parliament might stop supporting Burundi

09-24-2014 During a plenary session of the European Parliament on 18 September in Strasbourg, the case of Pierre Claver Mbonimpa, the chairman of Aprodh, was discussed. PARCEM worries about what could happen.-By Diane Uwimana A resolution on the situation of human rights in Burundi was discussed and adopted, with special (...)