' Gospel-Fest

First edition of Bujumbura Gospel Fest

09-29-2014 The Gospel festival is organised this 4th-5th October by JELIM Premier Events. This event will gather various local and regional gospel artists.–By Yves Didier Irakoze According to Nadège Kabagenzi one of the organizers, the main objective of the event is to promote gospel music and Burundian gospel artists. “The (...)
' “For succeeding, they have to work out their potential very usefully and keep it jealously. They should avoid being limited by geographic, economic situations or circumstances…”   ©Iwacu

Burundi’s future in the hands of the youths

06-20-2014 Dudu T. Niyukuri, a gospel singer has recently come back from Europe after a one-month Tour with a good message to Burundian youths.–Yves Didier Irakoze “During my tour in Scandinavian countries i.e. Sweden and Denmark and also Belgium, I got the opportunity to discuss with the Burundian Diaspora who (...)
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